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Example datasets for 6 different problems of DNA microarray data analysis and classification. Constitute training and test data for Basic Track, as well as example data for Advanced Track. Depending on your preferences you can download each dataset separately as dataX_train.arff and dataX_test.arff files or altogether as a compressed archive: (datasets in ARFF format) or (the same datasets in CSV format).

Files dataX_train.arff can be used in automated tests of TunedTester, for instance with ClassificationTT70 evaluation procedure. In this way, you may test your classification algorithm on each dataset without downloading them manually. Certainly, the algorithm must be uploaded to Repository beforehand.

Files example-*.zip are sample solutions - predicted decisions - which could be submitted to Basic Track. They show how the solution should be formatted.

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ZIP file with public datasets for RSCTC'2010 Discovery Challenge. ARFF format.

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ZIP file with public datasets for RSCTC'2010 Discovery Challenge. CSV format.

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39.4 MB 2009-11-25  
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