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Data available for participants to download: training sets, test sets (public part) and example solutions.

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Example solution of task 3 (GPS).

397.6 KB 2010-06-22

Test data for task 3 (GPS). Data format: Column 1: time (in seconds) Column 2: car id Column 3: car velocity (km/h) Column 4:...

293.6 MB 2010-06-22

Training data for task 3 (GPS). task3cars.txt - data format: Column 1: time (in seconds) Column 2: car id Column 3: car velocity...

589.9 MB 2010-06-22

Subset (first 10%) of data. Due to smaller size than full data, it may be handy in initial investigation of the problem...

61.7 MB 2010-07-21  


Example solution of task 2 (Jams).

3.0 MB 2010-06-22  


Test data for task 2 (Jams).

4.6 MB 2010-06-21  


Training data for task 2 (Jams).

7.6 MB 2010-06-21  


Structure of the street graph of Warsaw, as used in simulations. Part of the data comes from the Open Street Map. The first part of...

1.5 MB 2010-06-22  


Example solution of task 1 (Traffic).

68.1 KB 2010-06-22  


Test data for task 1 (Traffic).

1.4 MB 2010-06-21  


Training data for task 1 (Traffic).

2.8 MB 2010-06-21

Traffic Simulation Framework (TSF) - the simulator of city road traffic used for generation of ICDM'10 Data Mining Contest data. Legal...

60.7 MB 2010-10-19  


English manual for the Traffic Simulation Framework.

1.0 MB 2010-10-19  


Polish manual for the Traffic Simulation Framework.

1019.7 KB 2010-10-12  
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