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Embryonal tumours of the central nervous system

Prediction of Central Nervous System Embryonal Tumour Outcome based on Gene Expression.

- Nature, VOL 415, pp. 436-442, 24 January 2002.
- Web supplement to the article

Scott L. Pomeroy, Pablo Tamayo, Michelle Gaasenbeek, Lisa M. Sturla, Michael Angelo, Margaret E. McLaughlin, John Y. H. Kim, Liliana C. Goumnerova, Peter M. Black, Ching Lau, Jeffrey C. Allen, David Zagzag, James M. Olson, Tom Curran, Cynthia Wetmore, Jaclyn A. Biegel, Tomaso Poggio, Shayan Mukherjee, Ryan Rifkin, Andrea Califano, Gustavo Stolovitzky, David N. Louis, Jill P. Mesirov, Eric S. Lander & Todd R. Golub

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Dataset C (60 instances x 7129 genes) in ARFF format, with two labelled classes

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