Please attach example data that illustrate your problem or which you'd like to process with the intelligent algorithm. Paste them as raw text or attach as a separate file. If you want to attach several files, create a ZIP-compressed archive.

The sample may be small, 100 records is enough in most cases.
  Prosimy o dołączenie próbki danych, która zilustruje Twój problem, lub którą chciałbyś analizować z użyciem inteligentnych algorytmów. Wklej ją jako zwykły tekst lub dołącz w formie oddzielnego pliku. Jeśli chciałbyś dołączyć kilka plików, utwórz archiwum skompresowane ZIP.

Próbka nie musi być duża, zwykle 100 rekordów będzie wystarczające dla wstępnej analizy.

R&D Outsourcing

TunedIT bridges the gap between science and industry. If your company struggles with a data mining problem, we may help you frame it in strict mathematical terms, assess its difficulty and present to our global community of top data mining scientists in a form of online contest after which you receive Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the best solution.

  • Quality. Hundreds of professionals will investigate your problem and try all different approaches to find the best solution. You can't obtain a better algorithm in any other way.
  • Safety. Participants do not have direct access to your sensitive data, which are kept secret on TunedIT machines for use in black-box evaluation of submitted algorithms.
  • Flexibility. All kinds of data mining tasks are supported. If your problem is atypical, we'll implement a suitable evaluation procedure for it.

Application domains: recommendation systems, collaborative filtering, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP), time series forecasting and prediction, computer vision, image and sound recognition, bioinformatics, genetics and many more.

Let us know about your problem using the form below. Say if you already have an algorithm for this task and want to obtain a better one, or there's no algorithm yet.

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