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One of the participants has found that two of the challenge datasets are not described accurately, with respect
to their actual content. Actually events, as well as lectures, have been related to categories and authors.
Therefore the files categories_lectures.csv and authors_lectures.csv contain not only
category-lecture and author-lecture relations, but also category-event and author-event relations
respectively. As the lectures and events have different IDs, there are no errors, so the
files stay the same (we did not want to change their names either, not to confuse participants).
We did however change/correct the description of these two files in README file.

Events, as well as lectures can have categories and authors !
File categories_lectures.csv under the attribute lecture_id contains
lecture or event id.
File authors_lectures.csv under the attribute lecture_id contains
lecture or event id.

A.) Event from events.csv:
3341,'event','en',1,'2007-07-27','2007-10-29','The Importance of International Collaboration in Research and Developement',NULL

-Does not have category in file categories_lectures.csv but has author_id 31 in authors_lectures.csv file.

B.) Event from events.csv:
5,'event','sl',1,'2006-10-14','2007-02-24','Gospodarstvo in IJS 2006 - Ljubljana','IJS Dnevi: Gospodarstvo in IJS'

-Does not have category in file categories_lectures.csv or author_id in authors_lectures.csv file.

C.) Event from events.csv:
400,'event','en',374,'2004-09-12','2007-02-24','Machine Learning Summer School 2004 - Berder Island','The fourth Machine Learning Summer School was held in Berder Island, France between the 12th and the 25th of September, 2004. More than 100 students and researchers from 20 countries interested in Machine Learning attended. This years\' summer school presented some of the topics which are at the core of modern Learning Theory. 15 distinguished authorities from the field gave 14 courses in slots from 4 to 8 hours. In addition, many evening talks which were focused on additional topics were presented. There were also three practical sessions organized providing a \'hands-on\' experience of working with Machine Learning algorithms.'

- Does have category_id 16 in file categories_lectures.csv but does not have author_id in authors_lectures.csv file.

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