Traffic: clarification for training set

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Traffic: clarification for training set

Postby kemphillips » Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:33 pm

The training dataset is said to "consist of a stream of data collected over 1000 hours of simulation, divided into a hundred of 10-hour long independent cycles." Is it the case that each of the 100 cycles was generated using different parameters, and that within each cycle there are 10 independent 1-hour simulations using the same parameters? Or, within each cycle, does each 10hr period represent a continuous stream of data, representing, for example, 12:00-22:00?

I assume it is the first, so that within each cycle a contestent can estimate a parameter vector for his or her particular model 10 times, once for each 1-hr periods. These 10 estimates of the parameter vector should then be fairly consistent within each cycle, but differ among the 100 cycles.


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Re: Traffic: clarification for training set

Postby Marcin » Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:18 pm


As explained in task description:
The TSF simulator worked in 10-hour long simulation cycles. During the cycle, distributions of start and destination points of new vehicles were exchanged randomly every 60 minutes. After 10 hours, simulation was restarted from scratch.

The 10-hour stream of data is continuous, but parameters were changed every hour.
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