Data Mining Competitions

TunedIT Challenges is the first web platform for hosting data mining competitions, launched in 2009 on top of the Research framework for the evaluation of data-driven algorithms. TunedIT Challenges provide extremely flexible and easy way to launch data mining contests of any type, in every application domain. Thanks to live Leaderboard, competitions are interactive: participants see each others' scores and may keep improving solutions all the time. Guided by the do-it-yourself (DIY) design principle, TunedIT serves you all the tools needed to configure, test and run the challenge exactly in the way you wish. Challenges come in a range of different types, to suit educational, scientific and business needs.

Student Challenge


No more boring assignments! Tutors may launch online competitions instead. That's more fun & hands-on experience for students, who can learn through interaction with peers. That's also great help for the instructor, who can rely on automated evaluation of solutions and no longer has to mark assignments manually. Student Challenges are FREE of charge.
Suitable for all courses that deal with advanced data analysis: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Computational Biology, ...
Scientific Challenge


You can pose an open scientific problem in a form of online contest, discovery challenge, that will attract attention of the scientific community, focus work of research teams from different countries and universities, and establish common benchmark for all future research in the field. TunedIT hosts contests for leading international conferences, like IEEE International Conference on Data Mining and SIAM SDM by Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
Industrial Challenge


Companies that seek dedicated intelligent algorithms or predictive models may post a request in TunedIT Challenges and outsource the task to 100+ specialists at once, who will investigate the problem in parallel and provide the best solution ever possible, for lower cost than required by traditional on-site R&D. This is the most productive and cost-effective way of designing intelligent software. Wide range of application domains supported: Time Series Forecasting, Recommendation Systems, Predictive Modeling, CRM, Text Mining, Web Mining, Automated Trading, Bioinformatics, Genetics, ... See Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.
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