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About Us

TunedIT started in the beginning of 2008 as a scientific doctoral project carried out by Marcin Wojnarski at the University of Warsaw, in cooperation with the Group of Mathematical Logic led by Professor Andrzej Skowron. The goal was to deliver web-based tools - now TunedIT Research - to help data mining scientists conduct repeatable experiments and easily evaluate data-driven algorithms. The Research part was supplemented later on with TunedIT Challenges platform for hosting data competitions - for educational, scientific and business purposes. The purely scientific project evolved subsequently into a spin-off company that not only provides, as before, free research tools for scientists, but also bridges the gap between Science and Industry by connecting innovative companies that seek advanced algorithms, with the community of top data scientists and young talented "data hackers" from tens of different countries and hundreds of universities, gathered in TunedIT.


We partner with scientific and industrial organizations which support data mining research and help introduce intelligent algorithms to the industry.

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Our Team

TunedIT is developed by a constantly growing team of data scientists.

Marcin Wojnarski is a data mining specialist with 14 years of experience. Holds M.Sc. in Computer Science and B.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Warsaw. Published 12 papers in refereed journals and conferences. His research interests include methodology of experimental investigation, scalable data mining, neural networks and computer vision. Marcin participated successfully in numerous scientific and data mining competitions. Rewarded in the EU Contest for Young Scientists for a new model of artificial neural network. The 1st winner in two consecutive editions of data mining contests organized by the European Network on Intelligent Technologies for Smart Adaptive Systems. Participated in $1M Netflix Prize, being for a few months in the top 10, among 20,000 competitors at that time. Reviewer for numerous scientific journals and conferences: Journal of Machine Learning Research, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Web Intelligence, Fundamenta Informaticae, Knowledge and Information Systems, ACM SIGKDD. Contact: marcin.wojnarski (at)

Sebastian Stawicki graduated from the University of Warsaw with two MSc degrees: in Computer Science and in Mathematics. He is currently a PhD student. Sebastian's research interests lay in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and process mining. He has investigated the issues of outliers in data, as well as classifier boosting.

Joanna Świetlicka is a doctoral student of Computer Science at University of Warsaw. Her interests include machine learning, data mining and natural language processing. Carries out research in the area of automatic summarization of newspaper articles with the use of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Zbigniew Szczepański holds degrees in Computer Science and Cross-Cultural Studies. Works on automated and semi-automated translations for closely related natural languages. Interested in computational linguistics, internet application programming and semantics. Passionate traveler, visited over 30 countries and met with different cultures in regions ranging from West Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, to Siberia, as well as most of Europe. Speaks 11 languages.

Magdalena Pancewicz is a master student of Sociology at the University of Warsaw. She is fascinated with everything inventive and creative. What brought her to TunedIT was her interest in applications of statistical modeling to sociology. Her main hobbies include art, anthropology and literature. Previously a journalist, she is responsible for editing scientific news and communicating with TunedIT community and media.

Other contributors: Piotr Wojnarowski, Marcin Perkowski, Piotr Grochowalski.

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