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Go to discussion forum to view and post questions and answers. See tutorial for a brief step-by-step introduction on creating and running the challenge.


What is a challenge?

Challenge is an on-line data mining competition run on TunedIT website. It can be launched by any registered user of TunedIT - the organizer - who defines the task, timetable and rules of participation. After opening the challenge, users of TunedIT may register as participants and submit solutions, evaluated afterwards by the organizer using TunedTester. Challenges are interactive: preliminary results are published immediately on leaderboard, so participants know their standings when the challenge is still open and have a chance to improve their solutions.


The challenge can be in 3 different states with respect to its functionality:

  • New - partially configured, does not accept yet participant registrations nor submissions.
  • Open - fully configured, accepts registrations and submissions, solutions undergo evaluation.
  • Closed - registrations and submissions are no longer accepted, but pending evaluations may be still executed. When all the evaluations are completed, final results are published on Leaderboard.

Additionally, the challenge can be either:

  • Draft - is visible on Challenges list to no one else but the organizer, who can perform dry-run tests before publicly disclosing the challenge; or
  • Published - everyone can see it on Challenges list.

Thus, there are 6 different states in total. Transitions between them are invoked either manually by the organizer (publishing and revoking publication) or automatically by TunedIT, when Start or End dates defined by the organizer pass. All possible states and transitions are shown below:

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