Challenges / Algorithm for Optimal Job Scheduling and Task Allocation under Constraints

Status Closed
Type Industrial
Start 2011-04-29 17:00:00 CET
End 2011-06-13 23:59:59 CET
Prize 1,500$

Registration is required.


Winning solutions (2011-07-05 19:09:47)

As promised, the 2 winning solutions have been released on GNU GPL license. More information and download links on the Summary page.

Deadline extended (2011-05-23 18:58:59)

Over 3 weeks of the "Job Scheduling" challenge have passed. Because of technical difficulty of this contest and moderate number of participants till now, we decided to extend its deadline by 2 weeks, till June 13th, to give more people a chance to join, and let current participants further refine their algorithms. No more deadline extensions are expected.

One more update of evaluation (2011-05-10 13:04:21)

Evaluation procedure recognizes now the error of a missing class name and the error of negative task quantities in output plan. Full name of algorithm class must be provided on Submit form.

No negative profit (2011-05-09 13:59:00)

Another update of the evaluation procedure. Negative profit was possible previously, allowing for arbitrarily low scores. Now, if the profit is too low, the 1000/Profit component is set to 0.000999.

Fix in evaluation procedure (2011-05-06 18:54:05)

Evaluation procedure has been updated to notify about errors of algorithm API: when the algorithm doesn't contain "run" method. Scores will be recalculated shortly.

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