Challenges / e-LICO multi-omics prediction challenge with background knowledge on Obstructive Nephropathy

Status Closed
Type Scientific
Start 2010-09-15 00:00:00 CET
End 2010-12-19 23:59:59 CET
Prize 2,500€

Registration is required.


The e-LICO multi-omics prediction challenge with background knowledge on Obstructive Nephropathy is over now. 247 teams have registered, of whom 24 have submitted solutions. Among the submitted solutions, 12 of them achieved improvement over the baseline method.

The winners are:
  1. Gayle Wittenberg, Karin Noy, Dmitriy Fradkin and Lance Palmer; Siemens Corporate Research, USA (gaylew123)
  2. Vladimir Nikulin; Department of Mathematics, University of Queensland, Australia (mik)
  3. Noor E Hafsa; Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta, Canada (nhafsa)
The performances of all the submitted solutions can be found on the Leaderboard.

We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the teams for participating in the contest. We also acknowledge the support of our sponsors: Rapid-I that supports the well-known data mining suite RapidMiner, and the European Commission through the e-Lico EU project, 2009-2012, building a virtual laboratory for interdisciplinary collaborative research in data mining and data-intensive sciences.

The authors of the top 3 winning solutions are expected to prepare a paper (minimum 4 and maximum 8 pages in a standard format) describing their approach. In addition, the papers should provide sufficient details on the constructed models so that they can be validated by domain experts. The authors of the solutions that achieved improvement over the baseline
method (i.e. the solutions with positive scores on the Leaderboard) are strongly encouraged to submit a description of their approach. Depending on the quality of the submitted manuscripts we aim to organize a special issue/section on a bioinformatics journal under the theme "Mining biological data in the presence of domain knowledge". If this is accepted, the submitted papers will go through the review process of the journal and will be considered for publication. The deadline for a first draft submission is 10 January 2011.

Alexandros Kalousis, Julie Klein, Joost Schanstra and Adam Woznica
The Organizers

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