Challenges / JRS 2012 Data Mining Competition: Topical Classification of Biomedical Research Papers

Status Closed
Type Scientific
Start 2012-01-02 00:00:00 CET
End 2012-03-30 23:59:59 CET
Prize 1,500$

Registration is required.


The End (2012-04-06 18:35:02)

Our JRS'2012 Data Mining Contest has finished! You can find the final results at the leaderboard and a summary of the competition in the Summary section.

Last month of the competition (2012-03-02 12:15:33)

The last month of the JRS2012 Data Mining Competition has begun! We are very glad that our competition met such a great interest and that so many of you decided to participate. We are delighted with your results, but at the same time we are sure that even higher scores are possible! There is still time to join if you have not submitted a solution yet!

We would also like to remind you that shortly after the end of the contest, you are expected to provide a brief description of your final solution. It is perhaps a good idea to draft the report earlier, before the contest's final date.

Good luck!

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