Reproducibility of experiments is the cornerstone of science. TunedIT is the first research platform which enables automation of data mining experiments and generation of reproducible results that can be easily shared with others and verified.

Data Competitions

Online contests are the most enjoyable way of learning and conducting research in data mining. TunedIT lets you participate in competitions to gain experience, tackle new research problems and win awards. You can also launch new contest by yourself: open scientific challenge or internal assignment for your students.

Need an Intelligent Algorithm?

Companies that seek dedicated data mining algorithms or predictive models may post a request in TunedIT Challenges and outsource the task to 100+ specialists at once, who will investigate the problem in parallel and provide the best solution ever possible, for lower cost than required by traditional on-site R&D. Learn more...

Latest Challenge

NEM Solutions has recently launched NEM DATA Challenge. It is a digital challenge in which you can achieve a job inside NEM Solutions’ team, apart f...

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